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Nursing Affair

Specialty 2-79 01 31 "Nursing affair" refers to the educational profile "Health", to the direction "Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and organization of healthcare" specialty group "Prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and organization of health care.

Specialization education provides qualification "Medical nurse"

Medical nurse – is a specialist with secondary medical education, working under the guidance of a doctor at a health care or child care establishment.

The type of training is full-time tuition on the basis of secondary education with the training period of 1 year and 10 months.

The sphere of professional activity of the specialist is: medical and preventive health care organizations, orphanages, preschool educational facilities, spa facilities and sanatoriums, institutions of social service, civil society organizations of the Red Cross formation, rehabilitation centers, and organizations related to medical care and health services.

Professional functions

A medical nurse must be ready to perform the following professional functions:

General requirements on the medical nurse: a medical nurse should have good command of basic social and human sciences, have an idea about the processes and phenomena that occur in nature and society; know the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, ethical and law standards governing the relations between people, society and the natural environment, and strive for the development of active citizenship, use professional vocabulary properly, be able to organize his or her work efficiently, apply information technology in professional activities; be ready to interact with colleagues at work, be able to analyze and make decisions ,be responsible for the results of work , realize the necessity of advanced training, self-mastery of extra knowledge in the field of professional activity.

Professional competence of a medical nurse

To perform professional functions a medical nurse should be competent in: